MPG – Pendent


Manual pulse generators  (handwheel/mpg) are typically rotating knobs that generate electrical pulses. They are normally associated with computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinery or other devices involving positioning.When the pulse generator sends an electrical pulse to an equipment controller, the controller then moves a piece of equipment a predetermined distance with every pulse.

Product Description :

Flexible Mounting part size available

Thin and Light /Metal Gear/Clear Rotating Feeling/Line Driver Output/High Capacity of Resisting Disturbance/Suitable for Long Distance Transmission/CNC handwheel mpg


Product Specification :

Brand    Diamond

Application         CNC LATHE,Milling VMC,VTL

Automation Grade     Manual

Resolution           100ppr/25ppr

Power Supply     5V/5-24V

Color                black

Frequency           50hz

Voltage             220v

Diameter             60mm

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