Spring Loaded Engraving Tool


Diamond Spring Loaded Engraving Tool:
Can engrave irregular surfaces, reduce set up times, used for design marking process when using your CNC Machine to engrave in Jewelry industries .
The Spring Loaded Engraving Tool allows the engraving tool bit to float over inconsistencies and variations on the surface to achive more consistent engraving.
Can Engrave: Aluminum, Silver, Steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic, Brass, Tool Steel, and many other materials.

Model Holder Shank Holding Type Travel
V3 6mm 12mm Grub screw 7mm
V3.1 3mm or 6mm 12mm Grub screw 15mm
V3.1.2 3mm 12mm Grub screw 25mm
V2 ER11 6mm Collet 7mm
V2.1 ER11 12.7mm Collet 7mm

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